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Windshield Chip
Windshield Chip Repair in San Jose

Rock chip damage to your windshield can be easily repaired. Call Auto Glass Helper and we can fix your windshield before the damage spreads.

Windshield Repair For Rock Chips

Small chips, dings and cracks often occur when rocks and other road debris are kicked up by other vehicles on the road. This type of damage is commonly referred to as windshield rock chips. Auto Glass Helper strongly recommends getting rock chip damage repaired as quickly as possible. In many cases, if left unattended, damage caused by rock chips can spread, and when this happens the damage may be too great for a simple repair job and the entire windshield may need to be replaced.


Call Auto Glass Helper today and let us repair your windshield!




If you're experiencing water leaks whenever it rains that probably means your weather stripping needs to be replaced. The protective rubber seal that is designed to keep water out can become cracked and damaged over time due to exposure to the elements. When this happens you may experience leaks as the protective seal has been compromised. Call Auto Glass Helper and we can replace these seals and fix any leakage you may have due to seal failure.