Q. How far will your mobile service team travel?

Auto Glass Helper is a nationwide auto glass repair and replacement company that is rapidly expanding across the nation. Due to our expansion, please call and check with one of our representatives or please check our website for specific city pages that cover your area.

Q. How long will it take to replace my windshield?

There are a lot of variables to take into account when estimating a specific time frame. For one, cars with attachments like: Rain Sensor and Lane Departure Warning Systems may require extra work. On average, a windshield replacement should take roughly 1.5 hrs.

Q. How do I know if my windshield needs to be replaced or can be repaired?

For every state there is a different answer for this, to look further into it you can look at http://nwrassn.org/consumer-information.

Normally if a crack or chip is larger than 6 inches, it is not fixable and will need to be replaced.

Q. How does windshield repair work?

To repair a crack or chip, we inject a special resin into the cracked or chipped area. Once covered by the resin, then we polish the area to restore the clarity that the windshield should have. Since each chip or crack is unique in its own way, some may or may not repair fully.

Q. Will you take care of billing my insurance company?

Yes, we have an automatic feature on our website that will allow you to put in your policy number or you can call us and give us that information and we will take care of it for you. This process should be easy and will only take minutes for us to get it approved. Remember, by law you have the right to choose which glass shop you are comfortable working with.

Q. How long after you have serviced my car is it safe to drive?

It is our job to make sure you are safe to drive your vehicle after we have serviced it. If you had your windshield replaced, we will recommend not taking the blue tape off of it for at least 4 hours. Please keep in mind the weather can also be a factor on how slow or fast the glue will completely dry.

Q. What is the difference between an OEM glass and OEE glass?

An OEM glass is an Original Equipment Manufactured window, meaning it is the identical window that your car was made with. The features of this window include a window’s: thickness, shape, color, contour, durability and brand name.

An OEE window is legally permitted to build the glass with the same characteristics as the OEM. This includes: dimensions, tint, color, contour and thickness.

Q. Are chips or cracks invisible after the repair has been completed?

This is a common misconception; a chip repair service does not get rid of cracks entirely but rather prevents it from spreading. A non-cracked windshield helps stabilize and keeps the integrity of the roof of your vehicle from collapsing on passengers in case of an accident. It is highly recommended to repair a windshield over replacing it, especially if you have an OEM or OEE windshield.

Q. Do you offer same day glass service?

Understanding that a broken glass is a safety concern, we attempt to offer same day services. We are one of the most adaptive and highly responsive companies in the industry.

Q. Do I have to be on site with my car during auto glass service?

No, there is no need to sit around during glass service. Initially, we will need the car keys in order to operate on and in the vehicle. Once finished, we will hand the keys back and review the service with our customers.

Q. Will the technician call me when they are on the way for a mobile service?

Yes, once the technician has received the work order and/or finished with their previous service, they will notify their next appointment with an ETA. You may very well get an email or text message.

Q. How do I cancel/reschedule an auto glass appointment?

Please call Auto Glass Helper @ 408-392-9032

Q. Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty against leaks. If for any reason there is a leak, our Auto Glass Helpers will schedule a technician to analyze the work.

Q. Do you vacuum the broken glass from inside the door panel?

Having your window broken is bad enough, listening to the glass rattle inside the door panel when opening and shutting the door is an annoying reminder that your car was broken into. With our Auto Glass Helpers, we vacuum the interior of the door panel in order to eliminate the noise received when shutting the door. Once a technician vacuums the inside of the door, they will also vacuum all glass with regards to the interior of the vehicle. Please review your vehicle with our technicians to ensure a proper job.

Q. Can I operate the door glass after the auto glass replacement?

The majority of the time the new glass comes with brackets and therefore you are able to operate the glass immediately. At times the brackets come separate from the glass and will need to be glued on. In this instance, the window may not be functional for a day. If this is the case, the glass technician will notify you at the end of the service.

Q. Will the defrost on the back glass work after the replacement?

The defrost on a back glass comes with connections for the defrost in order for it to work. At times, during the break-in process, the connections are damaged. In that case the technician will notify you.

Q. Will you attach the same rear view mirror?

Included in the windshield replacement service is the transfer of the original rear view mirror to the new windshield bracket.

Q. What’s the average time frame on a window tint?

Customers experience 2 - 3 hour wait times. Smaller vehicles tend to take around more two hours, while SUVs and vans tend to take around 3 hours.

Q. What’s your window tint process?

The window tint industry is huge and has a vast variety of processes that companies use. With our staff combining in over 20 years of window tint experience, we have created the best process. First, a plotter is used in order to perfectly cut the film according to the customers' year, make, and model. This allows our installers to apply the film to each window perfectly every time and leaves the customer with an ease of mind that no scratching will be done during the process. Second, we remove the panels for an easy install which also eliminates dust transfer.

Q. What type of window film do you use?
We use a variety of window film manufacturers, but we have a high volume of inventory of Suntek Window Film. Within their line of series, we only use their premium film that comes with a lifetime warranty.
Q. Once tinted, when can I roll my windows down?
During the summer, please restrain yourself from rolling the windows down until a full 2 days later. During winter, leave the windows up for 4 days.