Mike De Anda

President/ CEO

Mike is a graduate from University of Southern California, with a degree in Business Administration. After graduating, Mike decided to work within the top Silicon Valley startups. By collaborating with the best minds in advertising, Mike had an epiphany for what customers wanted and needed when deciding on what qualities consumers looked for when choosing automotive glass for their vehicle. Auto Glass Helper is the gold standard for customer service and quality installation in the auto glass industry. Mike has spent the last few years working vigorously for setting those examples across a nationwide platform for auto glass technicians, ensuring consumers who choose Auto Glass Helper, a safe and secure install.

Mikayla Ridi

Senior Marketing Manager

Mikayla is an undergraduate student majoring in Graphic Design. At Auto Glass Helper she handles all media and websites, keeping everything up to date. Mikayla also conducts online and offline marketing to making sure our customers are intrigued and trust our brand.

Rafael Martinez

Regional Operations Manager

Rafael has worked in the auto glass industry for 8 years. He is a trusting, dependable team leader and most importantly great at problem solving. Rafael maintains communication with all technicians on a regular basis and assists with training when new technicians join Auto Glass Helper. It is also his duty to seek all feedback from customers to make sure we impact results.

David De Anda

Head of Safety and Quality Control

David is responsible for overseeing quality assurance done on all cars. He works hard to make sure all the work done at Auto Glass Helper is done safely and installed properly. He records all areas of improvement and helps to maximize efficiency. David also schedules equipment testing to ensure all tools are being maintained properly.

Gilbert Tapia

Master Auto Glass Technician Supervisor

Gilbert has 8 years of experience in the auto glass industry. It is Gilbert’s job to communicate with all the glass distributors that Auto Glass Helper works with. To improve workflow he also researches ways on how to improve glass installation and tint processes.